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The keel roll forming machine that you can see on our canton fair 2017

As the 121st canton fair is coming, we are ready to meet our customers old and new globally. We will bring our brand new keel roll forming machine showing working, with its excellent cutting system and controlling system. Our keel roll forming machine types can be stud and track roll forming machine, angle channel roll forming machine, furring channel roll forming machine, T-bar roll forming machine and omega roll forming machine.
Our stud and track roll forming machine are well used for wall building. Before or after forming, we can also add punching step. The common punch type is H or O. Besides, We can also punch your particular logo on the finished plate in order to increase your familiarity to the public.
Sometimes we also add flattening after forming, they can guarantee the finished plates flat and straight.
Warm tips to the carton fair:
Method A. Take subway 8 from Phoenix new village to Wanshengwei.
Method B. Take No. 582, 763, 762, 137,229,239,262,304,461,564 bus to the Pazhou bridge south station or take No. 582,763,229,239,262,304 bus to the Carton fair station.
Our our staffs will be waiting there the whole day at the carton fair.